Current Projects

Acton Community Garden 

The Acton Community Garden is a place for students, staff and everyone else to get their hands dirty and grow some food. Since September 2015 the Canberra Environment Centre has completed a number of projects in the garden in order to re-establish it as a food producing paradise.  

Two Work for the Dole programs are continuing in 2018, alongside a LEAD disability program, three days a week.

everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us in the garden.

If you need a break from your studies or you just want to help out and take home some fresh veggies or simply want to learn a thing or two about growing your own food, come down and say hello.

Acton Community Garden is open to keen beans of all skill levels, all year round. The garden is right here at the Canberra Environment Centre and we would love to see you down here to share some stories, get your hands dirty and eat fresh veggies from the garden.


Get involved by:

  • Coming along to a weekly gardening bee:

    • Thursday afternoons: 3pm - 5pm

  • Dropping by the garden between 9am - 5pm, Tuesday to Thursday.

  • Bringing your food scraps (no raw meat please) to our communal composting bin. The bin is located behind the garden shed and marked with a sign that says 'public food scrap collection'. The bin can be accessed 24/7.

  • Joining us the occasional woodfired pizza. We usually fire up the oven on the second Saturday of the month to coincide with Repair Cafe. It's a great opportunity to meet plenty of like minded people and get your hands dirty.

  • Using the garden space for education, research or therapeutic purposes. Have an idea? Let us know by visiting, calling on 6248 0885 or emailing us at info[at]

  • Following us on facebook for updates on gardening bees and special events.

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