Repair Cafe

Save items from landfill, connect with neighbours and share skills.

The Canberra Environment Centre is proud to host a Repair Cafe on the second Saturday of each month at the CEC. Repair Cafe is a community group of volunteers working together to fix and recycle everyday things. Check out the Repair Cooperative's facebook page for updates. 

Anyone can come along with a broken household item and get some help from other volunteers to restore it to its former glory. You could bring along clothing, bicycles, rusty tools, furniture (or photos of it), small appliances, costume jewellery or many other things.

Volunteers have experience in repairing items, and usually bring their own tools and help visitors fix their broken item, teaching them how to do it for next time. Volunteer skills include fixing clothing, battery-powered electricals, woodwork, bicycles, jewellery and plastics. If you can bring spare parts (like zippers, clasps, chains) for your broken item, this will make it easier to fix, but otherwise we'll improvise! Attendees can also bring their own tools if they have them and use the time to repair with others, or seek advice. Our tools are limited but we are building up a small collection of communal tools, that are donated by members of the community.

If you have skills to share or tools to share on the day or donate, please get in touch, either by coming along on the day or emailing

Who can attend? 

Repair Cafe is open to anyone! If you have experience in fixing household items, we'd love it if you could share your skills. If you don't have repairing skills, come along and learn from some of our more experienced volunteers. Children are welcome, as long as they are supervised, and don't use power tools.

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