Canberra Community Composting

The Hungry Composter

The Canberra Environment Centre is the home of the Canberra Community Composting station.  The Centre has been accepting household food scraps from the community to be composted in the Acton Community Garden since early 2017.  These scraps have been turned into nutrient rich compost utilising traditional methods of composting and the finished product has been used to boost the growth of the vegetables grown in our organic garden.  In late 2017 the Centre received funding from the ACT Government to purchase an On-Site-Composting-Apparatus in order to increase the amount of household food scraps we can process and to showcase innovative methods of dealing with organic waste.

Our hungry OSCA (On Site Composting Apparatus)

Our hungry OSCA (On Site Composting Apparatus)

The Hungry Composter is the nickname for our new composting machine.  The machine is solar-powered and is a silent, odourless, continuous-feed system that processes food scraps into ready-to-use compost within 10-14 days.

The Hungry Composter can process up to 100 litres of mixed waste per day, meaning some carbon-rich matter (paper, cardboard, etc) and some nitrogen-rich matter (food scraps, green waste). The Hungry Composter project is designed to take food scraps from the community, to help those who feel they don’t have either the space, time or know-how of how to compost successfully at home. 

Unfortunately, we cannot offer composting services to businesses/organisations that produce high amounts of food waste (such as cafes) at this time. If you would like composting services for your business, please contact Able Organic Recycling or Cid from Global Worming

If you’re interested in feeding the Hungry Composter, please read the guidelines on the opposite page and fill out the registration form.

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Manufacturer’s Website: Worms Down Under

Feeding the Hungry Composter


Composting Guidelines

If you would like to feed the Hungry Composter, please read the below information and fill in the registration form.  Thanks for your help!

What not to deposit

  • Anything inorganic. Make sure small bits of plastic aren’t included with your food scraps such as apple stickers, etc.

  • Large pieces of cardboard

  • Egg cartons

  • Laminated or waxed cardboards or glossy paper (this includes milk cartons)

  • Coffee cups

  • Bones

  • Large amounts of anything acidic, e.g. a whole uncooked chicken

  • Pet poo

  • Liquids. This is very important as these can give the Hungry Composter serious indigestion. This includes soups, oils and very wet waste.

What to deposit

Household food scraps are mostly what you’ll be feeding the Hungry Composter.  This includes:

Please place your scraps in the little black bins

Please place your scraps in the little black bins

  • Raw or cooked fruit and vegetables including citrus and onions - please remove all elastic bands, stickers and labels.

  • Fish and shellfish

  • Meat and poultry

  • Cereals and grains

  • Dairy and eggs

You can also feed it used coffee grounds, used serviettes, tissues and paper towels.  If you have any questions about what it can eat, please give us a call.

How much to deposit

The average household produces between 1.8-3.3  kilograms of food waste per week week. Your deposits can be as small as you want, but we’d prefer the upper limit to be 5 kilograms. This is to ensure that we are taking food scraps from as a wide range of people as possible.

Where to deposit

The Hungry Composter is located at the south end of the Centre, near the car park entry. There is a signposted collection bin similar to your green bin next to to the fence entry.  Collection bins are accessible 24/7. 

Please only deposit food scraps into the black collection bins! Do not feed OSCA directly as she's on a strict feeding schedule and needs to consume your food scraps with a good mixture of carbon material at the same time. 


Please register with us before you start feeding the Hungry Composter. This helps us to manage the system, and makes it easier for us to service you. You can fill out our online form (click on the button below) or fill out a hard copy when you come to the garden. We are open business hours Monday to Thursday.

***please note that we are currently not accepting food scraps until further notice 

If you’d like to get more involved in the feeding of the Hungry Composter, please drop us a line at


CompostHub is our free education program on composting and wormfarming.  CompostHub is designed to help people like yourself learn to compost and wormfarm, and become more self-sufficient with your organic waste stream management. We love getting your stuff, but there’s lots you can do even if you live in an apartment, and we want to support you in your composting mission. We also hold a troubleshooting session and a tour of the Hungry Composter.

When: Second Saturday of each month, 10am-midday

Where: Acton Community Garden, located at the Canberra Environment Centre.