Tumbleweed Worm Farms and Compost Bins

The Canberra Environment Centre has partnered with Tumbleweed to offer the Canberra community reduced price worm-farms and compost bins.  All are simple to set up and can process the majority of your household food waste.  Composting and worm farming help you to reduce the amount of food waste you send to landfill while producing organic fertiliser for your garden at the same time! Please call or drop by to check out what we have in stock. Ask us about worms on (02) 6248 0885.

Find our more information about worm farms and composting here


Worm Cafe: $60 

Worm blanket: $10 each

Organi-bin (for collecting scraps in the kitchen): $15 

220L round compost bin $45 each

240L rectangular compost bin (comes with doors at base) $65 each

140L Compost tumbler $145