Vermiculture and Composting

In late 2016, a team of dedicated work experience participants began work on an industrial worm farm and composting facility at the Canberra Environment Centre. The aim is to build a fully functional vermiculture and composting system for the ANU and surrounding area. So far, greenwaste from the community garden and food waste from the Centre are composted into one of three stations that operate on rotation.

Progress has also been made on a large-scale worm farm. Recycled materials, including a recycled bath tub, will be used to house the worms.  Food waste will be fed into the upper layer, where worms will turn them into vermicompost. The ready made sink will collect the worm tea and castings.

We are inviting all cafes, halls of residences, offices, other campus groups and individuals to contribute food waste, kitchen scraps and green waste to the facility. Feel free to drop by with your compostable waste and place in the marked compost bins.