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Urban Permaculture Design Certificate

  • Canberra Environment Centre (map)
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The Canberra Environment Centre is teaming up with Permaculture Canberra to run a full Permaculture Design Certificate. Permaculture Canberra has designed this course to be accessible across a range of environments, from urban balcony gardens to small farms. Taught over a 4 month period with weekly classes on Wednesday evenings from 7-10pm and breaks over the school holidays, this course is ideal for the busy Canberran looking to take the next step in applying permaculture design.

What you’ll learn

In this PDC, participants will:  

  • Understand and apply the ethics and principles of permaculture in your daily life,
  • Be able to design a sustainable human ecosystem (in an urban, rural or semi rural setting), within a natural ecosystem or manmade ecosystem, that will provide an abundance of resources.
  • Understand the effects of climate change will have on our region,
  • Learn how to conduct a site analysis
  • Learn how to design for resilience and the future effects of climate change.
  • Learn how to use elements within the natural system to store and conserve water.
  • Learn to design a permaculture orchard
  • Design for integration of elements and functions in your design to reduce the amount of work required in a system
  • Design a forest garden and understand the support structures to make forest gardens work.
  • Learn about bringing permaculture into the community and successful ways to build community through permaculture
  • Understand the role that activism and participation plays in permaculture.
  • Learn to build valuable soil
  • Learn different composting methods suitable for our climate.
  • Be introduced to Biointensive Gardening, Biodynamics and other gardening methods.
  • Learn about building microclimates into your system

Ongoing support is provided to participants after the course ends with monthly meetings at the Canberra Environment Centre and online discussion forums.

Practical sessions

The PDC includes at least 2 days of practical sessions where participants will visit a variety of sites in Canberra and the ACT region such as hobby farms, community gardens, suburban backyards and food forests. Dates and activities will be decided upon as a group, depending on the group’s interests. Previous groups have put theory into practice by assisting a fellow classmate with revamping her backyard and visiting a commercial farm.

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Our Presenter

Martyn Noakes completed his permaculture training under John Champagne and has been teaching the ACT community about permaculture ever since. Martyn regularly presents introductory workshops about permaculture and keeping backyard chooks with the Canberra Environment Centre as well as full Permaculture Design Certificates. Martyn runs Bredbo Valley View Farm with his family and keeps a happy mix of cattle, sheep, pigs, ducks, chooks and geese. He is also a guest and supplier for River Cottage Australia.

‘Martyn is an incredible teacher and I am very glad to have been taught by such a caring and socially aware person’ – feedback PDC participant

‘Classes were very interactive between Martyn and students. He made it enjoyable and I liked the social aspect of the course’ – feedback from PDC participant

About permaculture

Permaculture is a design process based on systems-thinking which can be applied to a range of different contexts including community and business initiatives, food production, management systems, architecture and lifestyles. By adopting a holistic approach, permaculture emphasises the need to work with nature instead of going against it to promote abundance and resilience. Amongst other things, this involves observing patterns in natural systems and using these patterns to inform design.

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