Active Travel in Canberra

Active travel is using your body as transport to get you where you need to go.  Simple right?  By walking, cycling and catching public transport more often we can not only reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are required to get us from 'a' to 'b' but also improve our own health, fitness and well-being.

Canberra has a host of well-maintained footpaths and bicycle lanes that make it one of the more enjoyable cities for active travel.  Riding a bike is a lot more fun than being stuck in a car and even if you only replace one trip per week you can make a big difference.

Fix Your Bike

Getting the most out of your bicycle requires some basic troubleshooting and tuning skills but never fear, there are some generous bike enthusiasts in Canberra who get together every Saturday morning in the city to teach and learn.

Cycle Jam is a free weekly bicycle workshop that runs out of the Recyclery, next to the Environment Centre.  Jams take place every Saturday from 11am - 1pm and are free!  It's not a free mechanic service but if you need someone to show you how fix and look after your bike yourself then you have come to the right place!

Recycle A Bike

The Recyclery is a non-profit enterprise creating employment for people with disabilities.  Pre-loved bikes are sourced from around Canberra, restored and then sold at affordable prices.

The Recyclery aims to provide affordable second-hand bikes to students, staff and the wider community. Visit them here next to the Environment Centre to test-ride, purchase or donate a bike. The Recyclery is open from Monday to Thursday.

Cycling in The Capital 

According to the Australian Bicycle Council’s National Cycling Participation Survey, Canberra has the highest rates of cycling across all states in Australia.  There is a host of information out there to make it easier than ever to get back on your bike.

The following cycling clubs, services and path directories below will help keep the wheels turning, whether you are a seasoned cyclist, or just getting started.

Bike paths and tracks

Maps for commuters:

Canberra Lake Burley Griffin’s cycling Loop

Google maps also provides bike directions with established bike paths, safe roads for bikes and alerts for dirt tracks and main roads.

Bikes and buses

There a number of options to manage your active travel in Canberra.

Bike & Ride and Park & Ride are ACTION initiatives that encourage Canberrans to take public transport for some of the journey. Bike cages, rails and lockers are provided at various locations near bus stops across Canberra. Maps of bike parking facilities and instructions to access them can be found at the Bike & Ride website. Park & Ride permits are also issued online.

Prefer to take your bike with you? Bike racks are fitted on most Blue Rapid and Red Rapid buses and other ACTION bus services. Folded down bikes are permitted on the bus.

Cycling Groups

Be a part of the growing community of cyclists in Canberra. The following list is a snapshot of the diversity in Canberra’s cycling groups.

Canberra Cycling Club

Canberra’s oldest cycling club. Runs regular racing events, seasonal track racing, training trails. Women and junior members encouraged to join.

Pedal Power

Advocacy group for Canberra cyclists. Resources, events, trails and the cycling peak body for Canberra.

Vikings Cycling Club

For competitive cycling and races. There are opportunities for all levels and paces. New members and beginners are welcome. 

ANU Mountaineering Club

The Mountaineering Club membership is open to the public. Besides offering a variety of outdoor activities and trips, the club hosts full-day, weekend and multi-day touring for mountain biking.

Cycling ACT

Professional, recreational and competitive cycling.

Bike Hire

Canberra might not have the extensive bike share network of the Paris velib, but it does have a handful of bike hire companies that come in handy if you need a bike for a short time.

For mountain biking, regular commuting:

Casual and recreational: