Freeze your garlic

Garlic lovers, we have a problem. Garlic is harvested in early summer, and you can store it for a good number of months, but come winter, most cloves are going to go soft, or start sprouting. Garlic is a seed – and like all seeds, it wants to grow. In a few months, the majority of garlic for sale in supermarkets will be imported. What a shame, when it’s possible to grow incredible garlic right here in Canberra!
The solution: freeze your home grown or locally sourced garlic while it’s in season to use for the rest of the year.
Freezing garlic is easy. Just peel the cloves and put them in an air tight container in the freezer. When you want to cook with them, just crush or chop the garlic as usual. Because garlic cloves are small, they don’t really need any de-frosting time, so there’s no need to plan ahead.

Canberra Enviro